Business Travel On The Fly

A green standard in hospitality

May 25, 2022 On The Fly Episode 21
Business Travel On The Fly
A green standard in hospitality
Show Notes

Belinda Hindmarsh, Chief Growth Officer of global travel management platform CWT is joined by Kit Brennan, Co-founder and Director of award-winning carbon intelligence platform Thrust Carbon.  Together they have decades of experience in the travel tech space. 

CWT recently became the first major global TMC to activate point-of-sale emissions data with Thrust Carbon, answering the industry’s call-to-action to reduce our impact on the planet by enabling  travelers to make the most eco-friendly decision when booking a trip. 

In this episode Belinda and Kit turn their sights on the hotel industry which is infinitely more complex than air travel when it comes to measuring sustainability. 

Find out: 

  • Whether there are sufficient measures that accurately determine a hotel’s  green credentials like-for-like, as accurately as air. 
  • What  the industry needs to do to provide greater  transparency. 
  • Should the onus fall on governments, hoteliers or travelers? 
  • Is it gross to not have your bath towels laundered?